Putting it out there

About a month ago, my little sister came over to hang out and tell me “something big” about what she has planned for this year.

“So, how’s your job?”

“It’s great.  I’m loving my job!”

“You’re loving it?  But, aren’t you back working the same job you quit 6 months ago?”

“Yeah, but it’s a little different.  It’s always different when I come back from quitting.  They change all of the things I didn’t like about the job before I quit.”

This was the third time my sister has quit that job, and the third time she’s gone back to it.  She’s really good at her job, and her boss knows it.  I’m not sure he would know what to do if she were to quit for real.

“Ok, so what’s you’re big news?”

“Well, you know how I LOVE Hawaii?  Well, I was telling my boss about how I want to live there.  He was already ok with my plan to live there for a month, but I think he’s afraid of losing me for good.  So he suggested a ‘Hawaii-bonus-plan’ where every eight weeks, if we hit our targets, I could go to Hawaii for two weeks.”


“Not really, because it would be contingent on how our business was doing.  It’s not guaranteed, and it’d be difficult to plan for.  I know how much they need me, so I told him that what he should offer me is a ‘Hawaii-RETENTION-plan.'”

I think the idea is brilliant.  Some people may think the idea is crazy.  However, those same people are probably also envious.  Hawaii retention plan!  Most may only get as far as thinking about a Hawaii retirement plan.  But why wait?

Someone once told me, “It’s never too early to live the life that you want.” 

Many of us have been socialized to believe that the instructions for life are:

Step 1: Get an education.

Step 2: Get a (full-time) job.

Step 3: Accrue “enough” money to quit job.

Step 4: Do what you love.

There are a lot of things wrong with this model.  Doing what you love shouldn’t be the last step.  Why can’t you do what you love until after you quit your job?  Why not during?  Why not before?   And what’s “enough” money anyway?  Besides, these aren’t necessarily steps at all.  I’ve seen people do 1+2+4 all at the same time while throwing 3 completely out the window.

I guess what I’m saying is, what’s keeping you from living the life you want now instead of far in the future?  Are those barriers really barriers?  Give yourself permission to think outside of the box.  What would it look like to find a way to do what you want, right now?

Once you have an idea of what that might look like, put the idea out there.  See how people react.  You never know what kind of traction you might get until you ask.  Sure, some people may think you’re crazy.  Or they just might be jealous that you thought of it first.

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