Getting back into the swing of things

I haven’t written a post in a month.  It’s been on my to-do list, but it just hasn’t happened.  Why?  At first, it was because life got busy, in a wonderful way.  I spent an inspiring weekend making vision boards with my sister and cousin.  I got engaged.  I met up with friends from different parts of my life who I hadn’t seen in 2 – 12 years.  I started the spring competition season with my dance group.

Life is full of things I enjoy.  Writing this blog was another thing I had enjoyed.  Why had I put it off for so long?

Because inertia is a powerful thing.  For those of you who don’t remember Newton’s first law of motion, it basically says that something at rest will stay at rest and something in motion will stay in motion unless some force acts on it.

When I was posting regularly, it was easier to hold myself accountable to writing another post.  People read my posts, gave me great feedback, shared my blog with friends.  I wanted to continue delivering good advice through my life lessons.  Now that I haven’t blogged for a month, what’s the harm of continuing the radio silence?  It doesn’t feel like anyone has noticed the absence of new posts.

That’s a lie.  I noticed.  I noticed when a week went by without writing.  And then another.  And another.  Come on Michelle, write something.  But not just anything, something good.  Those last two weren’t as popular as your job freakout post.  What would be useful to share with folks?  What would be good from them to hear?

The pressure mounted.  I read other advice blogs.  They had established audiences.  Mailing lists.  Their posts sounded so useful, so inspiring.  I wish I could write like that.  But writing is not one of those things that comes easy for me.  Why even try.

Why try?  Because.  This blog isn’t just for you, the readers.  This blog isn’t just for me, the one currently struggling at the keyboard.  This blog is also for the future me, who may occasionally forget the lessons I’ve learned and who will inevitably need some encouragement and a reminder of how I overcame roadblocks before.

Inertia is a powerful thing.  Objects at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts on it.  But after that initial force acts on that object at rest, that object will be in motion, and will continue to stay in motion, until another force comes along.  That first action will take effort, but it will get a lot easier after that.

And even though moving from inaction to action is the hardest step, there are ways to make it more successful.

1) Figure out what else may have kept you at rest, and address that.  I feared wouldn’t be able to write anything “good enough,” so I am going to temporarily refrain from censorship and judgement.

2) Make things easier by choosing a small, achievable step, and postpone thinking about the rest.  I will sit at my computer and write for 20 minutes, while suspending censorship and judgement.

3) Move it.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be big, so stop hesitating, thinking, worrying, judging, and just move, a teeny bit.  Here I go.

I guess that wasn’t too hard.

One thought on “Getting back into the swing of things

  1. Hello Michelle, as a fellow writer this post really struck a chord. Sometimes, it’s not so much fear of the blank page as the feeling of standing at the bottom of a mountain you know you have to climb. I’ve been blogging for a while, but recently started a new website ( and the whole process of designing/adding content/getting noticed is exhausting! Good to know I’m not alone…

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