One key step to making your dream come true

my dream house

There’s a house in my neighborhood that I just love.  It reminds me of a cross between the house from the Cartoon Network show Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, the house from the Pixar movie Up, and my grandparents’ old house.

Every day I pass by it, I think about whether I could actually live in it someday.  That’s my dream.

What if I could make my dream come true?  Let’s suspend the current reality for a moment and fast forward to a future where my dream comes true: I live in that house.  At that moment in time, as I look back to the present day and everything that happened in between, what were the actions I took and the choices I made to make that dream happen?  I explore the different ways I could have made it possible to live in that house.  In one scenario, I happened upon the listing for the house, won the bid on it, and paid my monthly mortgage with a corporate salary.  In another scenario, I happened upon the listing for the house, won the bid on it, and paid my monthly mortgage with winnings from the lottery.  In yet another, I bought the house before it went on the market so that I could bypass the bidding process and paid my mortgage with the income from my own business.  In another scenario, I get to know the current occupants, and after they move out, they rent the house to me.

In all of those scenarios, there is one thing that is consistent: at some point, I express my interest in living in that house.  Without that one piece, my dream cannot come true.

So, if I really do want this dream to come true, why not take that one step?  Why not tell someone that I would like to live in that house one day.  I’ve told my husband.  I’ve even pointed the house out to some of my friends.  I’ve just told all of you.  And here’s a wild and crazy idea: why not tell the current residents of the house?

As soon as I begin to seriously consider that wild and crazy idea, fear starts kicking in.  What if they think I’m crazy?  If they don’t think I’m crazy, what if they drive up the price because they know I’m interested?  What if they decide to never move out?  What if they report me to the private security that patrols the neighborhood or get a restraining order against me so that I have to walk/bike the long way through the neighborhood to comply with the restraining order???

And then a small voice in the back of my mind whispers, what if they don’t do any of those things.  What if they keep the letter, and when they’re ready to move, they tell you.  What if they write back?

I don’t know what will happen.  The fearful side of me fears that the result of my action is that my dream will not come true.  There’s a possibility that I will get a definite no.  But by not taking action, there is a 100% chance of a definite no, and no chance of my dream coming true (unless I take action), but I’ll still get to dream about it.

So, the choice is this:

Take action, which may result in a plethora of outcomes, some of which end my dream, and some of which fulfill it.

Or, take no action, which results in the prolonged ability to dream, with zero possibility of it coming true.

What do you dream about?  Are you choosing to do what’s necessary for it to come true, or are you choosing to simply continue to dream?


Today I sent a letter to the residents of the house.  I’ll keep you updated if anything interesting happens!

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