Back to School

Monday was Labor Day, so this week was what has traditionally been the first week back to school for students across the United States.  I figured it’s an appropriate time to return to studying myself, exploring how I can continue to grow, and blogging about what I’ve learned.

This week I returned to the UC Berkeley campus, and will be there at least three times a week for the rest of the year.  It fees a little weird, because after I graduated from business school in May of 2010, I thought I was done with Berkeley (and happily brought all of my Stanford gear out of hiding).  I was wrong.

I am now back on campus as a member of Main Stacks, Berkeley’s competitive hip hop dance group.  This first week of practice reminded me of a lesson I failed to retain in the months since I first learned it.

To be completely honest, I was more apprehensive about the prospect of getting into Main Stacks than I was about the audition process itself. 
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